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Consecutive weeks
w/o a late envelope
In memory of

"Magic Man"
Dick Wright,
Terry Bulkley
Jim "Ratsie"
There may be some questions regarding a double-hit. Here's a super slow-motion video of a double-hit that you may
find helpful in understanding the foul:   
click here
Rick Stirpe: 607-329-0713 (cell);
Following are some points to note regarding the 2014-15 league season:
  • The new season will be starting on Thursday, October 9th.
  • A league meeting will be held on Saturday, August 30th at The Village
    Inn (2 PM).
  • I'm aware that this is a holiday weekend and the turnout may be low. It's
    not a mandatory meeting. It usually lasts a half-hour. Then another hour
    for everyone to fill-out the roster form and get their money together.
  • Each playing location should have roster sheets, The Village Inn will have
    extras and I'll have them available for download on the website. Make
    arrangements to turn them in to me or leave at The Village Inn. A $15
    sanction fee must be included for each person on the roster. I'll also have
    them available at the meeting. You can turn them in at that time if you
    have them complete.
  • Limited to the first 28 teams to submit a complete roster.
  • Everyone must complete a roster - no note saying "same as last year"
I've had several of you ask about a new policy where a separate sanction fee
must be paid for each league that you play in. I have not been notified by the
BCAPL of any such policy nor have I found it on their website. Unless I'm
notified of a change of policy before the start of play on October 9th, we will
proceed as usual. Those who have paid a 2014-15 sanction in a Summer
League must provide a current membership card as proof of prior payment.
Those cards would have been sent to your league operator within 7 weeks
from the time that you paid. Those who have paid a sanction for a Fall League
should get a receipt for payment. Make sure it includes amount, date of
payment, which league it was for, and signature of league operator. A copy of
the card or receipt will be sent to the BCAPL as proof of your payment.

We'll discuss this more at the meeting because I have a lot more to say on the
subject. Be prepared with one of the above proofs of payment if you plan on
turning in a roster at that time.
Fall league starts Thursday, Oct. 09, 2014
Use the link at the left to print/download a blank roster sheet.
Anyone submitting a current membership card in lieu of a sanction fee - please
make sure that your card is signed. Include the card (or a copy) with other
sanction fees along with your roster. I'll return your original card after I make a