Consecutive weeks
w/o a late envelope
In memory of

"Magic Man"
Dick Wright,
Terry Bulkley
Jim "Ratsie"
There may be some questions regarding a double-hit. Here's a super slow-motion video of a double-hit that you may
find helpful in understanding the foul:   
click here
Rick Stirpe: 607-329-0713 (cell);
Final Standings & stats are posted. Individual stats will be available later in the

The tournament seedings list has been updated (4/08). Please check again if you didn't
previously find a name. I think the seedings are fair. If a person has finished 1st or 2nd
more than once, they probably have been moved up.
Team prize money pay-out has been posted on the Stats page. Those of you who have played in past years will
note a significant decrease in the prize pool, ultimately affecting team prize money. This year we had 22 teams
(88 people paying $6/week for 23 weeks) versus last year's 25 teams (100 people paying $6/week for 27
weeks). What it boils down to is about a 30% decrease in income from 2014 to 2015. Each teams prize money
was cut by approximately 30%.

A balance sheet for the league will be available for inspection at the tournament on April 11th.

Furthermore, I hope that you all can see the effects of losing a couple of teams from one year to the next. We
really must try and fill the empty spots in our available bars. See the list below and pass the word regarding
openings in the league
  • The Green Shingles only had 3 teams this year - we need to fill a 4th
  • The Ramada only had 2 teams this year - we need to fill 2 teams
  • The Country Pub only had 1 team - we need to fill a 2nd
  • The Legion only had 1 team - we need to fill a 2nd
  • The Village Inn only had 3 teams - we need to fill a 4th
  • I talked to The VFW regarding 2 teams. Anyone that goes there should work on them to put
    together 2 teams.
  • The new TOP will have a pool table. Anyone going there should mention a pool team
  • Joe Carey's additional location across from the Site will have a table, enough for 2 teams.
Prize money will be distributed at our year-end tournament which will be held at
the Village Inn on
Saturday, April 11th. Doors will open for registrations at 11
AM. The registration period will close at 12:15 and a Calcutta will commence at
12:30. Tournament play will start immediately following (around 1:15). Following
are further tournament details:

  • We will have individual tournaments in A, B, and C divisions. A link below
    is provided for a breakdown of players in each division. Those seedings
    may be slightly different at the tournament as they were based on week
    #22 results. The final weeks' points may change those seedings slightly.
  • There is a $20 entry fee to enter the tournament (all divisions).
  • A cue will be raffled with all proceeds added to the tournament prize fund.
    Distribution of the raffle proceeds will be determined at the time of the
    completed raffle.
  • Must have at least 5 weeks of league play to participate. No buy-in for
    less than 5 weeks.

B's Pizza (the restaurant at The Village Inn) will be offering a couple of specials
for the league pool players on Saturday:

Sausage, peppers and onions on 6" roll w/ french fries  $6.50

Open-faced roast beef or turkey with gravy and french fries   $6.50

Of course, they will still offer all of their regular menu items.
Tournament seedings
To view cue to be raffled Click Here
In a separate matter, there is a benefit tournament coming up for
Alyssa Hyer, who was mauled by a dog. Please, take a look at the
poster by clicking on the link. Her father, Ray Hyer, plays in both
the Bath and Corning leagues.

For information regarding the Alyssa Hyer benefit pool
Click Here