Consecutive weeks
w/o a late envelope
In memory of

"Magic Man"
Dick Wright,
Terry Bulkley
Jim "Ratsie"
There may be some questions regarding a double-hit. Here's a super slow-motion video of a double-hit that you may
find helpful in understanding the foul:   
click here
Rick Stirpe: 607-329-0713 (cell);

I believe you may have misinterpreted the sanctioning policy.  Players must pay a sanction fee
for each league but not each division within a single league.  For example, if your league has
five divisions (Monday – Friday) and a player wants to play in all five, he/she will only be
required to pay one sanction fee because it’s the same league (i.e. same league number).  
However, if they want to play in your league on Monday night and the Bath Pool League on
Wednesday night, they must pay a sanction fee to each one.  In many areas, this has led to
smaller leagues in close proximity to combine into one larger league with multiple divisions.
The team from That Other Place will be playing at The Ramada until further notice.

Anyone not playing at least 6 weeks to date is on the Subs Stat Sheet.

Anyone needing a sub or another regular player for the second half of the season should let me know
. About 3 players have approached me and would like to sub or play regular for the remainder of the season.
We have just had the 10 week cut-off date to add new subs but I can approve on an individual basis, if needed.

Remember - envelopes must be delivered to The Village Inn by 2 PM on Saturday.

Please, take a picture of the scoresheet,
before you put it in the envelope and close enough so I can read it.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Standings and stats are updated for week #17 (2/19). Use whatever week # you
want. I'll figure it out. It's screwed up and it's my fault.

We have finally made the move to switch from the BCAPL to the ACS sanctioning
league. This will not make any difference to the majority of you but, there will be
a few changes:
  • The league sanctioning fee will now be $10 instead of $15. Anyone who has paid
    $15 for this year will have $5 returned to them. The money will be given to the
    captains for distribution to their team.
  • We made this change mainly because the BCAPL made a policy change this year
    that would affect the Bath players also playing in the Corning League - they had to
    pay $15 for each league. We can't change the fact that they have to pay twice, but
    at least now, they only have to pay $10 for the Corning League.
  • Any players anticipating going to Vegas to play in the BCAPL Singles Tournament
    can still do so by buying a BCAPL Associate Membership for $25. See the BCAPL
  • Rule books and such will be following in about 3 weeks.

Those of you who deal with me on tip installation should note that some prices will be
going up. Kamui tip installation will be $35; Moori tip installation will be $30; I will now be
offering Morakami tip installation for $25.

I have not been able to get a decent quantity discount for Kamui tips and Moori are
sometimes hard to find and when you do find them, many are counterfeit. I still stock both
of these brands, but I only will be stocking a very few of each. Although I haven't tried a
Morakami tip, I understand that the Morakami Black tips are comparable to the Kamui
Black and the Morakami Brown tips are comparable to Moori tips. These tips are readily
available and I can get decent quantity discounts. If you use Kamui or Moori tips, try the
Morakami's for a month and if you don't like them, I'll install your preference for the
difference in price.

I also have some Morakami chaulk in stock to try for awhile. It's supposed to be
comparable to Kamui - $3.00/pc in blue only.
I ran across a situation the other night that got me scrambling for the rule book: If an
object ball or cue ball is frozen to the rail, it must be declared frozen by one of the
players and acknowledged as such by the opponent. If the ball is not declared frozen, it
should be considered as
not frozen and play should continue as such. Hopefully, you
know that if an object ball is frozen to a rail, after contact by the cue ball, either the cue
ball must make contact with a rail or the frozen object ball must contact a different rail to
be considered a legal shot. An example where this could come into play: if the shooter
misses his object ball completely and the cue ball travels around the table without hitting
anything, then barely makes contact with the shooters object ball that was frozen to a rail
(but not declared), the opponent cannot say that he observed that object ball as frozen
prior to the shot and therefore the shot was a foul. It must be considered not frozen and
the shot was a legal shot.