Consecutive weeks
w/o a late envelope
In memory of

"Magic Man"
Dick Wright,
Terry Bulkley
Jim "Ratsie"
There may be some questions regarding a double-hit. Here's a super slow-motion video of a double-hit that you may
find helpful in understanding the foul:   
click here
Rick Stirpe: 607-329-0713 (cell);
By now, I'm sure that we all know that envelopes are due to be dropped at The Village
Inn by 2 PM on Saturday. We will not repeatedly return to the VI to retrieve envelopes
that keep straggling in after the deadline. So, I'd like to establish a protocol to follow if
your envelope is late:
  • When you realize that your envelope is late or is going to be late, notify your team
    captain and follow his/her instruction
  • Your captain is ultimately responsible for the money inside that envelope. Your
    captain will advise you to open the envelope and take a pic with your cell phone
    or return it to him/her for the same procedure
  • The picture will be sent to me via text message or email by either party.
  • I will contact the team captain and advise how to forward the envelope to me.
    Most likely, you will tape it up and include with your opponents envelope the
    following week.
  • The above procedure will still result in your loss of points. To prevent a loss of
    points by any team in the future:
  • Your team can include an extra weeks' league fees ($24) in your team envelope
    (before it's late) and send a cell phone picture of the scoresheet to me before 2
    PM on Sunday - preferably on Thursday night before you seal it in the envelope.
  • Your team will get the $24 back in their prize money envelope at the end of the
    year or they can use it to pay their last weeks' league fees - team's choice.

We now have common technology that can get these sheets to me instantly. If you don't
have a capable phone - a team-mate, opponent, bar owner or patron does. A few of you
are already doing this every week. The problem is that they're the ones who have never
turned-in a late envelope. Let's try and get in the habit of sending them this way.

Speaking of cell pictures - I'd like to see some pics of league members on Thursday
night. Something we can post on this website. A picture of someone breaking their stick
in anger would be an awesome shot for the website!

You can send to: rick@corningleague or text to 607-329-0713.
I've been in communication with the BCAPL regarding their sanctioning policy as I have
recently noticed a policy update on their website. They have changed their policy and
have clarified it to me with the statement below. I need a few days to consider the
options and make a decision as to sanction and with who. I am holding all sanction fees
and will return or adjust (ACS sanction is $10).

I believe you may have misinterpreted the sanctioning policy.  Players must
pay a sanction fee for each league but not each division within a single
league.  For example, if your league has five divisions (Monday – Friday) and a
player wants to play in all five, he/she will only be required to pay one sanction
fee because it’s the same league (i.e. same league number).  However, if they
want to play in your league on Monday night and the Bath Pool League on
Wednesday night, they must pay a sanction fee to each one.  In many areas,
this has led to smaller leagues in close proximity to combine into one larger
league with multiple divisions.
The team from That Other Place will be playing at The Ramada until further notice.
It now appears that any Bath players will have to pay a sanction fee to play in the Corning
League. I'm not completely surprised but the change of policy certainly rubs me the wrong
way. The same thing happened in 2008 and our league switched to the ACS. After one
year of lost league sanction revenue, the BCAPL reverted to the old policy of "one sanction
fee for as many leagues as you wish to play in". If any Bath player who has already played
in the Corning League knows that they played once and is probably done, please have the
team captain contact me. I've had several discussions with both the BCAPL and the ACS
and will decide a course of action by next week.   

Now, regarding late envelopes: the policy posted last week remains below. All
envelopes are due on Saturday by 2 PM.
Just because you send me a pic with your cell
phone does not relieve you of that responsibility. If you want to purchase "late envelope
insurance" a picture sent to me by 2PM on Sunday will still allow your points. To date, only
The Green Shingles B and The Site B have paid insurance. You can purchase
insurance by including an additional $24 in your envelope. It will be returned to you at the
end of the year.

I will start sending reminders via text message to all team captains on Thursdays
indicating that you can purchase insurance. I'll send a second asking for a pic of the
scoresheet and a third at 1:00 PM on Saturday indicating that you have 1 hour to get your
envelope to the VI, if you haven't already done so.

Starting next week, I will instruct The Village Inn not to accept late envelopes. You will be
given written instructions for procedures to get scores and money to me.  

Finally, some of you are still having problems viewing the schedule and other documents
updated weekly. I don't know what is causing the problems - they were never an issue
before. Please try and refresh your browser when you get to the stats or schedule pages.
You can do this in Internet Explorer by hitting the
F5 key. Some have said that they have to
hit it twice.
Notes from 10/19