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Consecutive weeks
w/o a late envelope
In memory of

"Magic Man"
Dick Wright,
Terry Bulkley
Jim "Ratsie"
There may be some questions regarding a double-hit. Here's a super slow-motion video of a double-hit that you may
find helpful in understanding the foul:   
click here
Rick Stirpe: 607-329-0713 (cell);
Final standings and stats have been updated for week #27.
Prize money will be available at the year-end tournament on Saturday, April 26th. We will be
prepared to distribute the prize money shortly after we get set-up for registrations.
Tournament registration starts at 11:00 AM and will continue until 12:30 PM.

For those that are new to our league this year, our year-end tournament is for everyone. We
will handicap the event by dividing the participants into an "A" and a "B" brackets according to
average. Then, each bracket is further divided into A-1, A-2 and B-1, B-2 players, again
according to averages. Once play begins, an A-1 or B-1 player will have to win 3 games to win
a match while a A-2 or B-2 player will have to win 2 games. A player on the "A" board will only
play player's on that "A" board and the same goes for the "B" board. There will be prize
money for each board.

There will be 10 tables available for play and we hope that the tournament will move along at
a good pace. Typically, the final matches get over around 11:00 PM. After 8 PM, only
semi-final and final matches will remain.

As you are reviewing the standings and individual stats, keep in mind that individuals must
have 10 weeks of play to qualify for the individual prize money. We make this rule because we
don't pay a lot for these prizes and they should be earned over course of many weeks, not
just a few.

Below is a link to a poster for the tournament. I hope to see a good turn-out.
The year-end tournament will be held at The Village Inn on Saturday, April 26. More details
will follow.

A couple of notes regarding the tournament and prize money:
  • Team prize money will be distributed at the tournament
  • You must have at least 3 weeks of play in the league to play in the tournament
  • Your entry fee will be based on weeks of play. For example: 5 weeks or more = $20; 4
    weeks = $25; 3 weeks = $30
  • We will have A & B brackets as we have in the past
  • You must have at least 10 weeks of play to be eligible for individual prizes.  
If anyone has a photograph (preferably digital) of a deceased member of our league, please
send it to me with a few details. I'd like to start a memorial page on the website. This idea
was brought up a couple of years ago and the ball was dropped. I think that it's time to get
something started.

I'm especially looking for photos of Dick Wright and Terry Bulkley.
Tournament Flyer