Consecutive weeks
w/o a late envelope
In memory of

"Magic Man"
Dick Wright,
Terry Bulkley
Jim "Ratsie"
There may be some questions regarding a double-hit. Here's a super slow-motion video of a double-hit that you may
find helpful in understanding the foul:   
click here
Rick Stirpe: 607-329-0713 (cell);
I've been in communication with the BCAPL regarding their sanctioning policy as I have
recently noticed a policy update on their website. They have changed their policy and
have clarified it to me with the statement below. I need a few days to consider the
options and make a decision as to sanction and with who. I am holding all sanction fees
and will return or adjust (ACS sanction is $10).

I believe you may have misinterpreted the sanctioning policy.  Players must
pay a sanction fee for each league but not each division within a single
league.  For example, if your league has five divisions (Monday – Friday) and a
player wants to play in all five, he/she will only be required to pay one sanction
fee because it’s the same league (i.e. same league number).  However, if they
want to play in your league on Monday night and the Bath Pool League on
Wednesday night, they must pay a sanction fee to each one.  In many areas,
this has led to smaller leagues in close proximity to combine into one larger
league with multiple divisions.
The team from That Other Place will be playing at The Ramada until further notice.
Standings and stats are now posted for week #9.

Remember - envelopes must be delivered to The Village Inn by 2 PM on Saturday.

Please, take a picture of the scoresheet,
before you put it in the envelope and close
enough so I can read it. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Please Note:

There is a schedule change for week #8. The Log Cabin C will play at the Village Inn C.
This appears to be the last scheduling conflict for the remainder of the year. Maybe by
next year I'll have found corrective measures for the software I have or replace it.